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FRESHEE ALUMINIUM CONTAINER 120 REG. (25 pcs) with paper lids. 

Freshee Quik packs come With Lids That Make then the most hygienic & convenient

way to pack food






  • Type: Grocery Container





  • Material: Aluminium foil 





  • DisposableSafety Features: recylable 





  • Microwave Safe






  • Special Features

    • Premium Packaging
    • International Food Grade High quality foil, food safe bacteria resistant
    • SGS tested and certified
    • Easy to unwind without any hassel.
    • BRC approved 
    • BIS certified








    Freshee Aluminium Foil Containers are hygienic, Convenient to use and are the most versatile packaging solutions available in today's market. Why Freshee Aluminium Containers. We use premium quality of aluminium to make our product, thus it makes our product Bacteria Resistant.Every Aluminium Containers are made with standardize food grade process. Freshee Aluminium Containers are certified with BRCAll Freshee quick packs comes with lids which make them the most hygienic & convenient way to pack food. Where you can use Aluminium Containers. A must-have item in the kitchen to lock in the freshness of the food and make your family or guests eat healthier!Easy and convenient to use. Aluminum foil containers are used to freeze, store, transport serve a variety of foods.Foil Storage Containers are used in canteen, delivery services, hotels etcAluminum foil Containers provides a complete barrier to light, oxygen, moisture and bacteria. For this reason, foil is used extensively to keep food for safe and fresh for longer period of time.Brand Description. Mission:To make FRESHEE synonymous with freshness and hygiene by providing products of the highest quality to every corner of the globe.Freshee brand is one of the fastest growing brand in the FMCG consumable space. Freshee has a range of products including Tissue Paper, Aluminum Kitchen Foil and Aluminium Containers which are 100% recyclable.At Freshee, we are fully committed to the safety and hygiene of our consumers and ensure that all our products maintain the “Freshee standards” which include highest quality products with food grading, bacteria resistance and delivery as per mentioned specifications. Freshee is certified with global standards of BRC, Halal ISO 22000:2005, ISO 9001:2015 and KCJ

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