FRESHEE NATURE'S BROWN Non-stick Food Paper - 18m+2m Free

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Freshee Greaseproof Paper for Baking Food Wrapping, Non-Stick Food Paper, Multi-Purpose Organic Paper - Nature's Brown 20m x 300mm


  • Unbleached FDA Compliant Greaseproof paper
  • Product From all Natural Raw Materials making it More environment friendly
  • Brown color creates a more rustic appearance that enhance overall handcraft atmosphere of bakery
  • Keeps your food 100% bacteria free and taste intact.The pure biodegradable nature of it exceeds the consistency in quality from your kitchen to the environment.Keep food fresh longer and prevents decay.
  • Use for: Wrapping of burger, sandwiches, rolls, patties, French fries, Dosa and idlies. Roti wraps, Base Paper for cake and Baking Paper. Liner inside sweets boxes and on food trays.

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